Course Description:

An introduction to the characteristics, organization, and operation of business, including organization and management, production planning and control, marketing, finance, day-to-day operations in the areas of accounting, personnel, research and development, and management information systems.

Essential Objectives:

1. Employ a sound business vocabulary.
2. Describe the characteristics, organization and operations of business, addressing the following topics: ownership, marketing, production, finance, taxation, human resources, team process, and planning.
3. Explain the basic economic foundations of business including supply and demand, the nature of competition, and describe the basic measures of economic performance.
4. Discuss the role of information systems and technology in the business environment.
5. Identify and access standard sources of information about business including the scope and diversity of career opportunities in the business field.
6. Describe the opportunities and challenges associated with conducting business in a global environment.
7. Discuss ethical considerations and social responsibility in business decisions.
8. Discuss employer/employee relationships in the context of equity, diversity and harassment.
9. Define the nature of marketing, marketing strategy, the marketing mix, promotion and distribution.
10. Describe the basic elements of reading, interpreting and understanding financial statements.

Throughout the course we will be working both individually, as well as in teams.  As the recent market changes, the use of teams in a digital setting has become more prominent.  To prepare you for this, and to give you experience, some of the work you do will be done as members of a team.  I know that this can be difficult for a variety of reasons, but please know that I am here to help, and assist you in anyway that I can.  

The textbook for the course will be a free electronic resource.  It can be viewed here ( ) and then downloaded to your computer.  The course work each week will be outlined in each of the modules.  Once again, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  It is my goal for you all to succeed, while also gaining the knowledge you need to be successful in future courses.